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Fayetteville Foodie Walking Tour

Quick Details

Adult Ages 12+
Child Ages 11 & Under

Walk. Talk. Taste. Sip. your way through the Downtown Cool Spring District!

Fayetteville’s food scene is vibrant and alive with delicious options like never before. From tried and true favorite cafes to new restaurants and unique boutique specialty food and drink shops, this is an exciting time to explore Fayetteville’s Downtown Cool Spring District culinary and culture scenes.

You will Walk…Talk…Taste…and Sip delicious food and drinks from five to seven different restaurants, cafes, and shops, including unique cuisine, mouth-watering desserts, specialty wines, and much more! Get to know local chefs and business owners and you’ll see why they have a such an incredible passion for their craft.

In between our food stops, we will venture as a group to a number of historic sites along the route and learn a little of Fayetteville’s history, architecture and cultural past and present. Not a bad way to spend a weekend afternoon.

Take a STAYCATION and join us for a fun, food adventure in your own backyard. And don’t forget, wear elastic waist pants…you will be full by the end of the tour!